Web Summit 2019. The HireTester Experience

Web Summit 2019
Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon

The best technology conference on the planet. How many times we’ve heard this statement regarding Web Summit in Lisbon. Working in the IT sphere, this tech conference was highlighted in our events calendar, and the HireTester team had a great chance to attend Web Summit 2019.

Facing the dawn of a new year and new decade, why not travel back in time to recall the most fascinating moments of the visit, sum up lessons we’ve learned, and share our resolutions for 2020?

We decided to conduct a Q&A session with the Head of our Strategic Partnership Department, Ihor Reshentikov, to hear first-hand feedback. Here is the result.

- Web Summit is a huge international conference. Why have you attended this event instead of opting for a smaller but more niche-specific conference?

The bigger the conference, the greater opportunities you have for catching up with the latest trends and innovations, for growing your knowledge and, of course, for networking. If you ask me to enumerate all whys, I’d put all my reasons in the top 5 T’s:

  • To study up on the freshest trends in Blockchain, AI, IoT, VR.
  • To connect with potential partners and mentors.
  • To bring new tech challenges to my team.
  • To discover the latest innovative solutions and introduce them into our working process.
  • To make these innovations work for the business improvement of our customers.
  • To present our company and our expertise.
Ihor Reshentikov from HireTester at WebSummit 2019.
Ihor Reshentikov from HireTester at Web Summit 2019

- Networking was in the air on Web Summit. What approach worked best for your there: scheduled in advance meetings or spontaneous onsite catch-ups?

Yes, you’re right. Networking there was almost contagious. I’ve had about 10 scheduled meetings and must admit that such a format was the best for me. Of course, I’ve had a few catch-ups with the startup owners that fascinated me the most. But I do believe that the best result can be reached only if you work for it, learn about the people you are going to meet, their needs and expectations well in advance.

People I met there have also dedicated some time to learn more about the HireTestesr team. Coming to the meeting, they knew that we specialize in software testing and QA, had some questions that helped to draw the right conclusions and make further decisions.

Such an attitude shows your respect to the person you’re meeting with and saves you both a good deal of time. And time is what valued the most on such events.

- We are talking about the largest gathering of tech leaders in the world, which finds answers to the most pressing issues. What topics have interested you most of all?

Since our company provides software testing and QA services, actively growing its expertise in the Blockchain, Fintech, complex data management systems, and AI domains, no wonder the main attention was on these topics.

I’m a great fan of everything connected to AI and electrification of the future. For me, “AI as our Future” was the most interesting and fascinating topic. AI-powered cars, smart cities… It’s no longer a dream. It’s a reality and our, I hope, nearest future.

WebSummit 2019 on AI as our Future.
Web Summit 2019 on AI as our Future

- What and who inspired you the most?

All the people I met at Web Summit 2019 are unique in their own way. At the same time, they share common principles, beliefs that inspired me. They’re all decision-makers. These guys do not develop software just to check the box: “Hey, look! I’ve released a new top-notch solution.” They create quality. And quality is the key factor in their success. This is a good principle to follow, isn’t it?

- What’s the main use for you attending such tech events?

It’s an opportunity to stay on track. Means, you can discover many different technologies able to turn our day-to-day routine upside down. Such events can show you the future. Who doesn’t want to know what tomorrow has in store for us?

- What directions for company development you’ve single out after visiting the Web Summit conference 2019?

Well, we’re already on the right way. I do believe that we follow the proper principles in our work, building relationships with our partners on trust and transparency. We’ve come up with a clear separation of our offer into QA services (QA processes setup) and software testing services (manual and automation testing). It will allow us to amplify our expertise, faster implement necessary processes, and provide our customers even more quality services.

I will also follow the recommendations of Gaurav Malhotra from Level5 and Khalid Machchate from K&W Technologies, who are already game changers. They advised me not to work just for money but to find greater motivation. Even if you’re an expert in something, you should not stop. There is always room for improvement. You should continuously enhance your expertise, and one day you will definitely become a game changer yourself!

Ihor Reshentikov from HireTester meeting Khalid Machchate from K&W Technologies.
Ihor Reshentikov from HireTester meeting Khalid Machchate from K&W Technologies
Ihor Reshentikov from HireTester meeting Gaurav Malhotra from Level5.
Ihor Reshentikov from HireTester meeting Gaurav Malhotra from Level5

- Flashing back, what would you change or improve when networking on this event?

Preparing for the event and during meetings, I adhered to one of the main principles we follow and live by at HireTester:

Be straight in your dealings. No deception.

Only true and up-to-date information, clear intentions, and fresh perspective on advice from people you meet will allow you to make the right impression and see opportunities for further growth.

Flashing back, I don’t think I would have changed anything. You should carefully plan your future steps and follow the selected direction. I would just dedicate more time on establishing connections to meet more great people.

- New Year holidays are coming. What would you wish your friends, colleagues for the upcoming year? What’s your personal #1 resolution?

My personal #1 resolution for 2020 is to learn something new each day. It sounds simple but sometimes requires far more dedication than expected.

As for the wishes, no matter what are you doing, do it with passion. And always do it to improve your life and the life of people around you at least in three directions:

  • To provide quality.
  • To build win-win relationships.
  • To become a game changer.

Have you visited Web Summit 2019? What are your impressions and plans for 2020?



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